Bhagban Krishna's love for his Devotees

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Devaki - sister of evil king Kansa- and Vasudevar are parents to lord Krishna. As per Narada’s prediction, the eighth child of Devaki will be putting an end to Kansa’s rule. When Kansa comes to know about this, he imprisons both and murders 7 kids. However Vasudevar succeeds in rescuing Krishna and takes him to Vrindavan, the place where his companion lives. Lord Krishna grows up in Vrindavan with all the cowherds like a normal kid, under the caring of Yashoda.

Childhood Stories

To kill Krishna in his childhood itself, Kansa sends several evil forces. But all of them failed. A serpent in the Yamuna was defeated by Little Krishna, which was going to poison Yamuna and kill cows and people of Vrindavan. It was from the branch of Kadamba tree that Krishna jumps and performs dance on the head of Kaaliya, the serpent.

He is also known to tease milkmaids residing in Vrindavan and steals butter from their homes. He would untie the cows when it is time to milk them and would also conceals clothes of Gopis who are bathing. He thought to make his devotees aware of the larger meanings hidden behind these naughty practices. He was hinting that devotees must detach themselves from worldly pleasures and concentrate only on him, the supreme god.

Krishna and Radha

Radha was his friend in Vrindavan and she also belonged to the cowherds. The relation between them is selfless and is an example of true love. Their love is the symbol of unity of mind, which is more important than the unity of body. Radha is completely devoted to Krishna and thinks that he is her own. She even gets envious of Krishna’s flute, saying the flute is lucky to be very close to Krishna and feel Krishna’s prana on it.

Krishna and Kuchela

Sudhama and Krishna were close friends while studying at Gurukula. Their close association surpassed all social divisions and Lord Krishna accepted Sudhama wholeheartedly.

Sudhama had a poor family and one day he decided to see Krishna and heads to Dwaraka. He carries a small pack of rice for Krishna, which is liked by him. When he reaches Dwaraka, he is awe struck seeing the big palace and army of his friend. Krishna calls back Sudhama to his palace when he was about to leave. Krishna treats his companion with love and affection.

As he was shy, Kuchela didn’t ask for support and goes back to his residence. But the god understands his friend’s needs and helps him. The worth of friendship was realized by Sudhama when he arrives at his residence and sees his family clad in new clothes and having food.